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Welcome to Financial Debt Relief Group

At Financial Debt Relief Group, our contract buyers are highly trained professionals and experts in providing you with the FAST CASH you require for the sale of an owner carry-back mortgage note, owner financed business note, structured settlement, life settlement, or many other types of cash flow obligations. With the FAST CASH we provide, you can:

  • Invest in a New Business
  • Purchase a New “Dream” Home
  • Pay for Unforeseen Medical Expenses
  • Settle a Divorce or Other Legal Matters
  • Take a Dream vacation
  • Pay for Education or Re-Education
  • Assist in Estate Planning
  • Manage Retirement Expenses
  • Take Advantage of Other Investment opportunities
Cash Flow

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While our primary business at Financial Debt Relief Group involves the purchase of owner carry-back private mortgage notes and owner financed business notes, our contract buyers can also provide you with a LUMP SUM CASH OUT for annuity awards or insurance policies in the case of:

Cash Flow Statement Mortgage Note Buyer Structured Settlements